Quality and Service

PlentyFlora is well-known for the high quality of their gerberas and good friendly service before and after sales. We have been servicing florists and the general public in New Zealand since 2002. 

Gerberas are popular wedding flowers, the perfect gift for a special occasion or to show someone that you care or just to brighten up your own home.

Carefully grown and packaged, we work with the top delivery companies in New Zealand to get your delivery to you on time.

Situated just outside of Rotorua (Bay of Plenty, New Zealand), growing up to 80 different Gerbera varieties grown in a 2700 square meter glasshouse, PlentyFlora deliver their gerbera cut flowers nationwide, all year round .

We grow the complete range of gerbera variants like standard, mini, picolini, pomponi and pastini Gerberas in a wide range of colours.


Phone: +64 7 3332974
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