Care Tips - How to care for your gerberas

Each flower is individually sleeved to protect them in transport. The sleeves can be removed on arrival.

On arrival, cut stems at a sharp angle, preferably using the "Flower Power Stem Cutter" and put them in a clean vase with clean warm water (5cm of water is enough).

You can add a little bit of bleach (e.g. Janola) to the water to keep the bacteria away.

Place the vase with gerberas out of the sun, in a draught-free location, away from a fruit bowl.

If weather is warm during transport, flowers might get a bit soft and sometimes floppy (as they are transported out of water). They will come up straight and strong again after they have been cut and put in warm water.

To extend the life of your gerberas, re-cut the stems and refesh the water every few days.

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