4Mooi is a New Zealand based online marketplace that connects trade buyers and sellers in and around the New Zealand floral industry.

PlentyFlora use 4Mooi to sell excess flowers when production levels are high.

4Mooi is the place for florists and flower re-sellers looking to source product (fresh flowers,foliage,floral supplies,gifts) from anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Save precious time and get your life back. Auction goers - you can now order online when and how you want, so you can sleep in!

  • Secure your product instantly - see it, want it, buy it!

  • Pay a fair price - 4Mooi will allow sellers and buyers to create a thriving, sustainable industry.

  • Fresh is best - order direct to you, the flowers will be sent fresh from the grower to your door.

  • Lowering our impact on the environment - no double handling, no double freight, no wasted resources.

Register for a 4Mooi trade account here: https://www.4mooi.co.nz

Already a 4Mooi account holder? Click here: https://www.market.4mooi.co.nz

If you would like more information on 4Mooi, please send email to: info@4mooi.co.nz

Phone: +64 7 3332974
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